Dear Dr. Engelman,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me a "million dollar" smile. You did a wonderful job and you made a difficult procedure less difficult.

You are a perfectionist and I know you will do an excellent job no matter what.

I am grateful to Annette for the good work she did in assisting you. In fact, I like all of your staff and their graciousness.

Accolades to you for being my favorite dentist.

Jewel A.

Dear Dr. Engelman and Staff:

I want to thank you and tell you how happy I am with the dental work you recently did for me. The veneers you made and my front teeth are beautiful and look so natural. The color blending you did was fantastic. No one can believe they are veneers! I have received many compliments from friends and associates. No only are you a painless dentist, you are also an artist!

Again, thank you so much. It is great to smile without embarrassment!
Best wishes,
Robert B

Dear Dr. Engelman:

Thank you for the beautiful work you did on my teeth. The new porcelain crowns are amazing. I am thrilled with the shape, color and fit of the crowns. At last I have the perfect teeth I have always wanted.

Please convey my appreciation to your staff for their care and concern during the necessary procedures. I any of your patients need assurance that these crowns are the way to go, please have them contact me. I will tell them that I am all smiles!
Again, many thanks.
Helen A.

Dear Dr. Engelman,
I wanted to share with you the change that having the veneers put on my teeth has made. My New Year's Resolution this year was to have my teeth fixed, and lose weight. I have lost 55+ pounds since and thanks to you I have a great smile. Comments are constantly being made about how great my smile looks. People are telling me I smile too much now, and I was considered a happy smiling person before. Accused of showing off my new "grillwork" and having a movie star smile.

I have more confidence, feel more self assured of my appearance because of the fabulous work you did without the pain of braces, the unsightly fillings, and in such a short time. They feel great, look great, and I must admit, the compliments are well worth it.

It has been a great experience form e and I would highly recommend you and your work to anyone. Your office is friendly, personable, and refreshing.
Yours truly,
David M.

Dear Dr. Engelman,

Thank you for my dazzling smile!

Nature gave me irregular teeth, and many years of piece-meal dental work resulted in discoloration of which I was always are of when close to people - conversing and singing professionally. The dramatic improvement was not in the realm of my imagination.

People who see me almost daily noted "something's different" but did not know what was different. My new smile makes me feel free and confident as I am not worrying about my messy teeth, and am comfortable around anyone and everyone.

Your professional work is excellent. You patiently and carefully proceeded to make the necessary corrections, always showing your genuine desire to do your very best work. I truly appreciate your fine work and the excellence of your staff's collaborative efforts resulting in my great smile. Mention must be made of how pleasant your whole staff is on each and every occasion. Fear was erased and discomfort was lessened making it all worthwhile.

Maria F.

Dr. Engelman and Staff,
I want to thank you so very, very much for the beautiful flowers you sent, for the care and patience you showed me. Most of all, the smile you put on my face by fixing my front teeth. Now I so not hesitate to smile and show my beautiful teeth. As far as I'm concerned, you're the best!
Thanks again.
Dianne H.

Dr. Engelman,
I would like to tell you how happy I am with my new smile. I couldn't say it then because I could not believe what I saw in the mirror that day (I still can't). My whole family is benefiting from your work. I am not afraid of a camera, going out in crowds, or meeting strangers. Because now I feel like a normal person.

To me you are a miracle worker - just 2 visits and no pain and such a drastic change. I am trying to learn how to smile now, because I want to. I am still trying to make myself believe that it is real.

I want to thank you so much.
Pamela S.

Dr. Greg Engelman,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful work you did on my teeth. The restorative treatment was a total success, and I am very pleased with both the appearance and comfort of the procedure. My family physician said I should have improved overall health as a result of eliminating the leaching of mercury from old silver fillings.
I also want to mention the efficiency of your staff, always concerned about my well being.
I am completely satisfied with the entire experience.
Nancy D.

I would like to express my sincere thank you for all the excellent dental care you gave me, giving me the confidence to smile so much. For years I was very self-conscious of my teeth when smiling, but now everyone tells me that I have a beautiful smile!
Thank you.
Lorraine R.

Thank you so much for the care and thought given to me for the result of a beautiful confident smile!
Marilyn P.

Dr. Engelman and Staff,
I just wanted to thank you for for making my dental experiences pleasurable. Everyone at this office is so friendly, and that sure does help you to be more relaxed. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends. Your work is exceptional and pain free! Your staff is great!!
I appreciate all you have done.

Dr. Greg and Staff,

I cannot begin to thank you all enough for the wonderful service that I received at your office. Everyone is so kind and caring.
Dr. Greg, I cannot express in words how much you have changed my life. I need to learn how to smile with confidence now! You truly are an expert in your field, but not only that, a caring, kind individual.

You and Carla made this a painless experience with an outcome that I could have only previously dreamed about.

Every time I look in the mirror, I will only think about you and your staff with gratitude.

Forever grateful,
Darlene R.